What is a boujee dog?

There are various definitions  and spelling of the word 'boujee' (bougie, bouji) with different interpretations.  We have chosen to use the light hearted meaning of boujee which is luxury, high end and a bit sassy! 
The word was originally derived from the French word bourgeoisie which means middle class status.  It is widely used across the USA to describe those that love the high life, luxury living and all things sparkling and lovely! 
Delving further, it is also used to describe a lifestyle and in this context a dog who loves the finer things in life alongside their owner. 
A boujee dog loves to join in too and eat their own boujee food, set new trends themselves and increase their followers on Instagram!  They love  accompanying their humans when meeting friends for coffee, meeting new people and socialising. 
Dogs can definitely be boujee or aspire to be boujee and why shouldn't they?!  

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